White Pine Acres Professional Photographer Policy

Please read ENTIRE policy before calling or emailing. Thank you!

Please direct all questions regarding photography to whitepineacrestreefarm@gmail.com or message us on Facebook.
Please read our entire policy before coming out for photo sessions.

First and foremost, White Pine Acres is a working Christmas tree farm. We ask that you respect our property and business by following the guidelines below. 

• Half of the field has small, baby trees. Please DO NOT allow children to run through the small trees as they can accidentally step on them and break them off at the ground. 

• CAUTION: There are barbed wire fences around the edge of the field. 

• CAUTION: Please watch where you walk. The tree field has holes, uneven terrain and stumps. Do not let critters such as mice and insects surprise you. They’ll run away. 

• Cutting down trees during photo sessions is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If your client wants to purchase a tree they need to come back during our normal business hours. 

• Props are welcome! We have had everything from a couch to a bed to a tepee, but please thoroughly clean up after yourselves before you leave. We are not responsible for props damaged from being left in the field.

• If you are bringing props, you might want to bring a wagon to load/unload the items. No vehicles are permitted to go back to the field (either as a prop or to haul props).

• We do not have a changing area or public restroom. 

• Dogs are welcome, but please ensure they are on a leash and that your clients clean up after their dog.

• PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THE NAME OF OUR FARM WITH YOUR PHOTOS. We purposefully stopped advertising years ago and do not want any advertising. We are a small family-owned business with almost more business than we can keep up with. 

Please be respectful of our business and your fellow photographers by following the guidelines. All it takes is one person to ruin it for everyone.

Location: We are located at 3630 Copper Ridge Road, Knoxville, TN 37931. Do not trust your GPS to get you to the right house. We are the first house on the right on Copper Ridge Rd.
*Please note you will not be able to see the trees from the road.*

Parking: We have a circle driveway. Please park diagonally on the front yard UNLESS it has been raining and the ground is wet and muddy. In such cases, please park to the side of the gravel driveway to allow other cars to pass as they exit.

Where to Go: You can access our 2-acre tree field by walking up the gravel driveway past the carport. 

Fee: $50.00 flat rate location fee for each day of use. If your session gets rained out, please email us for a voucher to rebook. (email: whitepineacrestreefarm@gmail.com) Invoices will be issued on the 15th of the month prior to your booking. (i.e. September 15th for the month of October, October 15th for the month of November, etc.)

When: Day passes are available from October 1st to Christmas Eve. We are not open to photographers on business days, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Christmas. Please ensure you have booked a day pass. 

Photographers will NOT be permitted to enter the field during business hours under any circumstances.

Scheduling: Please visit https://white-pine-acres.square.site to book your day pass. The number of photographers at the farm is limited to 8 per day. Please respect your fellow photographers by working around each other. Duration will show only an hour and a half, but the pass is valid ALL DAY (it is the only way we can appease the booking software). 

NOTE: This contact is only for the day before pictures. Please do not call or send routine questions to this contact information. Thank you! We kindly ask you to e-mail (whitepineacrestreefarm@gmail.com) the day before photo session to let Jim Stevens know to expect you, and to give us time to notify you of any site issues (i.e. flooding or parking changes). We have a driveway alert, and if we know to expect photographers we are not surprised when it alarms. Please DO NOT text or message us on Facebook to notify us you are coming as we are not tech savvy. 

Updated June 23, 2022